Field to Table

Nourish & Flourish

A Field-to-Table offering to build life skills and a flourishing community.

Program Elements

Please e-mail TammyK ([email protected]) to get put on the mailing list for our Rick’s Place Nourish & Flourish program. Take part in one or many program elements!

Community Garden

Just come and tend the garden on an ad hoc or regular basis. We are growing both vegetables and flowers.

Home Garden

Six military families are involved in our at-home private garden program. Here’s how it works: A family checks out gardening tools from us. Seeds of Change donated seeds this year to help our families and our Rick’s Place garden have organic, high quality seeds. (Thank you Seeds of Change!)  and you grow your own backyard garden. The pilot program has some requirements – sharing photos, attending an orientation session, volunteer time (2 hours/month).


We will hold workshops and demonstrations this summer – from Iron Skillet cooking over an open fire to Hydroponics and other topics of interest to our Rick’s Place friends.

Film Nights

We will reach out to the Vittles Film Cooperative and other NC filmmakers to see what they can teach us about food right here in NC. From the PBS hit show A Chef’s Life to The Last Barn Dance (a NC dairy), there is a wealth of agriculture in NC and agriculture shows.

Community Meals

We host two community meals each month (Fun Day & Work Day). We also look forward to organizing picnics and group meals this summer.


We are grateful to our Nourish-to-Flourish sponsors including Seeds of Change, an organic seed and food company.