Rick’s Place Stories

Testimonials From Visitors

Rick’s Place is a 50-acre greenspace 5.5 miles from Ft. Bragg. We are open dawn to dusk and free for The Military Family and those who serve the Military Family (definition below). Rick’s Place is the first of what we hope will be many retreat centers around the US by military bases where families experience deployment cycles and seek to reintegrate after deployments.


What people say about Rick’s Place

Assoc. Prof. Darin Knapp, Ph.D. UNC School of Medicine

You at Rick’s Place are neuroscientists in an important sense. Through the activities and opportunities you provide, you are helping people make new connections: cognitive, emotional, and arguably, physical connections involving neural circuitry. Your work surely impacts favorably on the
mental health of your families as much or more than anything arising from our neuroscience research labs or clinics now and in the foreseeable future. And you are doing it in a naturalistic, intentional, approachable, and more comprehensive way where a completely mechanistic explanation of the benefits is unknown and perhaps unknowable.


Ricks Place has been such a great outlet for myself & my children. To be around other military kids and moms has been so encouraging. I have met some amazing friends from Ricks Place that will be life long ones. Thank you for all you do for us military families!


We miss Rick’s Place so much! We are so excited to see it continue grow! We started gardening when my husband was TDY. It not only created a positive  outlet for my kids and I, we gained very dear friends. Friends that have become like family!

Johanna , JJ & Ecktor

To us Rick’s Place is our happy place.. A place in which we positively connect with the community. We reinforce the importance of team work, responsibility and be active (health). Is a place to connect even more as a family and make more memories.. Thanks Rick’s staff for being so welcoming…


We made life-long friendships through Rick’s Place family. We miss being a part. However, there is not a day that goes by that we don’t think about you all. We cannot wait until we are stationed back at Bragg, so that we can reconnect.


We’d love to think of Ricks as our Home away from Home. Yes, we can swing, garden and build at home, but there is so much to say about Community building. We are involved as often as possible, for over 2 years now. We have seen so much growth and have loved meeting the people responsible for handling the behind the scenes


Rick’s Place is a place I feel at peace. I have the honor of preparing meals for the families that come to work and play and I am extremely grateful.