About us


The Rick Herrema Foundation (RHF) strengthens relationships and builds community for The Military Family through fun, quality activities.

At present these activities include free time, play time, kids’ art and animal fun, camps, organized family activities and volunteer days. Once we complete construction and clear the debris, we look to bring out horses on a regular basis for family fun and stress relief.

Rick's Place

Rick’s Place is a 50-acre interactive greenspace 5.5 miles from Ft. Liberty. We are open dawn-to-dusk and free for The Military Family and those who serve the Military Family.

We serve the Military Family and we welcome those who serve the Military Family. This includes service family friends! All people who come to our park must agree to abide by our rules.

Park Hours

Rick's Story

Sergeant 1st Class Richard J. Herrema’s life was cut short during an April 2006 Operation Iraqi Freedom deployment, but his legacy has endured in the way he is remembered. Rick had a deep love for his fellow man, his family and his country. When Rick claimed you as a friend, he was your friend for life; and for the 27 years Rick lived he never stopped serving others.

“I can see myself living 80 years and not impacting as many people,” said a childhood friend. “He didn’t care what happened to him. He wanted to make you look good. He had an amazing way of making you feel like you were number one.”

Gold Star Families

The Herrema Family extends an invitation for all Gold Star Families to consider Rick’s Place a place of retreat for you when you are visiting Ft. Liberty. Enjoy our fun, quality activities; walk around and relax, or just pull up a chair on our porch at the Herrema House and look out into the fields. We look forward to your visit.