Fitness at Rick’s Place

Fitness at Rick’s Place offers exercising outdoors to connect families to each other and to nature. This program focuses on being healthy as a community and is open to all levels and ages! The program instructor, Mich Coomes, will make you sweat! Registration will open two weeks before the start of the program!

Messy Mondays

Make some time to have lots of fun and some mess in the wonderful world of art with NO STRESS! Messy Monday is a multi-media art program offered 2-3 Mondays per month at Rick’s Place for military families. Registered participants receive supplies and hands-on instruction provided by Kidcreate Studio. Registration will open two weeks before the start of the program! This project is supported by a Project Support Grant from the Arts Council of Fayetteville|Cumberland County, the North Carolina Arts Council, and, in part, by contributions from the City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, and other community partners.

Cooking Matters

This free, virtual cooking class is for military families looking to break up the routine and learn new techniques in the kitchen together. Cooking Matters allows participants to cook in the comfort of their homes with ingredients and instructions supplied by Rick’s Place and The Poe Center for Health Education. Registration will open two weeks before the start of the program!

CFRT Passport

Rick’s Place has teamed up with The Cape Fear Regional Theater (CFRT) to present the Passport Series, a program designed to introduce young performers to the world of playwriting and theater. This series provides professional guidance to children seeking a creative channel. Throughout the eight-week program, students in different age groups will come together every Wednesday to develop the skills needed to write and act out their very own stories. This process encourages the use of their imagination and helps boost their self-confidence. Registration opens 4 weeks before the series begins.

Bend & Brew (Yoga & Coffee)

Bend your body, sip your coffee, and let your worries flow away. Join our Yoga and Coffee program where zen is in every sip. Each class kicks off with an hour yoga claas led by Blandina Peterson, followed by a serving of coffee from Cumberland Coffee Roasters. Immerse yourself in stretching, break a sweat, and relish the harmonious blend of strength and caffeine. Registration opens two weeks before each class.

Camping @ Rick’s Place (Family Edition)

Weekend at Rick’s Place: Family Edition provides families with a chance to embark on an outdoor adventure. We take care of the location, meals, and entertainment, while you bring your camping gear. These family activities promote teamwork and friendly competition with other families to find the ultimate “Camp Champ.” There are no age restrictions for this program, although the activities are tailored for children aged 6-14. Families of any size, whether seasoned campers or first-time adventurers, are all invited to join. Registration opens 2 weeks prior to the program.

Camping @ Rick’s Place (Dad+Me)

Weekend at Rick’s Place: Dad+Me Edition offers fathers and their kids an opportunity for outdoor adventure. We provide the space, meals, and entertainment, and you bring your camping gear. Family activities foster teamwork and friendly competition with other families to determine the ultimate “Camp Champ.” This program aims to build and strengthen the relationships between children and their male caregivers. To participate, adults must be the biological fathers or father figures of the child(ren) they register. Registration opens two weeks prior to the event date.