Rick’s Place

Rick’s Place is more than a park. Rick’s Place is a positive culture to uplift the Military Family. Many people in The Military Family have worked tirelessly and sacrificially to build both the culture and the infrastructure you may enjoy today at Rick’s Place. As a result, we’re careful about how the property is used. It’s our “home.” We love sharing it, and we ensure the land and culture we poured sweat, money and love into are respected. We ensure our neighbors are also respected.

Many FRGs, Units and other groups have given simple parties at Rick’s Place. These parties are fun! They use what the park offers, no alcohol is consume and the organizers leave the park as they found it. Sometimes the park remains open to other guests. Sometimes the park is closed for a private event. 

These parties enjoy our pergolas, playgrounds, toy shed, open fields and picnic tables. For sanitation, we offer porta-potties stocked with hand-sanitizer.  Simple parties seem to work well at Rick’s Place.

Is a Rick’s Place simple party for you? We ask that before you have a party, you come out and take part in a couple of Rick’s Place volunteer efforts or work days. You will learn about our culture and be able to better decide if Rick’s Place is the place for your simple party.

Online Reservation

Please complete the reservation below. If you have any questions, please contact or contact our office directly.

When Rick’s Place is used for private gatherings, the premises must be delivered to Rick’s Place in the condition premises were in at the commencement of this agreement.

Rick’s Place maintains a calendar and should be contacted at for policies and scheduling for private gatherings.

Requests may be made to reserve the park, pergolas, playground, kid’s zip line, use of the toy shed, and picnic tables. Moving of the picnic tables requires approval by Rick’s Place. If approved, the reserving party is responsible for moving the picnic tables and then returning them to their original location.

Rick’s Place may not be reserved for the purpose of running any type of business or the selling of any merchandise or services.

The hours of the park apply to private gatherings (the park is open from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week).

Reservations are limited to four hours. This includes the setup, event time, and clean up. This ensures that the park is available for other military families to be able to utilize the park. Additional time may be approved by Rick’s Place depending on the event being held.

Rick’s Place reserves the right to restrict access and availability of the property for a reservation based on the needs of Rick’s Place.

No alcoholic beverages will be allowed.

Rick’s Place has a dumpster on site that can be used by the reserving party. The reserving party must bring all cleaning supplies and trash bags. All trash must be removed and placed in the identified trash dumpster and/or recycle bin.

Rick’s Place staff will ensure that prior to a private reservation, that the porta-potties have toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

All persons attending the private reservation but complete the RHF’s Waiver and Release of Liability. The reservation POC is responsible for having the waiver completed and returning them to Rick’s Place the business day following the reservation.