Our Staff

Kevin Stewart | kevin@RHFnow.org

Site Director

Kevin brings a diverse leadership experience with nearly two decades supporting and resourcing families, their kids, and students in the non-profit sector. As the director, he is excited to continue to strengthen relationships and build community for the military families through fun, quality activities. Here at RHF, he will be leading the staff and the volunteers in fulfilling its mission. RHF has its unique way of giving our best away; Because the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honorable to be compassionate, to be the difference. It’s not what we do but it’s who we are, and he looks forward to all that is ahead of us here at RHF!

Tammy Kummer | kummer@RHFnow.org

Operation & Adminstrative Manager

Tammy is an experienced Operations & Administrative Manager driven by integrity.  She takes pride in providing effective customer service and is an asset to her team as she orchestrates everyday processes. As the Operation & Administrative Manager for RHF her goals include simplifying the reservation process and creating a space at Rick’s Place where all military families are supported to extend the mission through fun quality activities.

Kimberly Weimer | kimberly@RHFnow.org

Financial Director, RHF Treasurer and Executive Committee Member

Abby Barnett | abby@RHFnow.org

Program Director

Abby Barnett grew up in Fayetteville in a Military family. Her love for Rick’s Place began as a volunteer helping with monthly community events which led her to join as a staff member. Supporting service members and their families is an integral part of her lifestyle. As the Program Director, Abby builds and maintains free activities for Military families. Seeing people enjoy the programs at Rick’s Place motivates her to offer new and exciting programs every month.

Rachel Winburn | rachel@RHFnow.org

Support Coordinator

Rachel’s outgoing personality and excitement supports the mission of RHF to strengthen relationships and build community for Military Families. Rachel manages all social media platforms, creating the marketing materials and assisting with special event operations on property. Rachel believes “It takes a village to raise a child.” She believes that RHF – Rick’s Place provides a foundation, in supporting the village by offering fun, quality activities.

Jayne Britting | jayne@RHFnow.org

Facility & Grounds Support